When I take a picture, I often ask myself: does the picture look better in color or in black-and-white? It comes down to a simple choice — does color add to the image? If so, then it is best displayed as a color image. This shot was taken straight out of camera using Fuji X … Continue reading Color

Ilford Delta shots

Trying out the Ilford Delta recipe from Fuji X Weekly. All shots are straight out of camera with no exposure or color changes. I set the camera’s ISO to 12,800 (as recommended by the recipe developer) and enabled x100v’s internal ND filter. I am loving the contrast! Here’s the recipe: Monochrome +YDynamic Range: DR400Highlight: 0Shadow: … Continue reading Ilford Delta shots

Old Kodak shots

Experimenting with a Fujifilm recipe for drab, cloudy days. This is the settings I used in my Fujifilm x100v (slightly different from that in Fuji X Weekly’s site): Classic ChromeDynamic Range: DR400Highlight: +3Shadow: -1Color: +3Noise Reduction: -4Sharpening: -2Clarity: -2Grain Effect: Strong, SmallColor Chrome Effect: StrongColor Chrome Effect Blue: StrongWhite Balance: Auto, +1 Red & -6 … Continue reading Old Kodak shots


If there is something certain in life, nothing is permanent. Nothing is static. In the blink of an eye, everything that you had built your world on will suddenly change. The pandemic showed that. From a busy metropolis to empty streets devoid of cars and people. My thoughts of the day as prompted by RDP’s … Continue reading Nothing

AI is not photography

“AI is not photography.” Boris Edlagsen’s AI-generated image This is the statement of Berlin-based “photomedia artist” Boris Eldagsen. He participated in the World Photography Organization’s Sony World Photography Awards and garnered first place in the Creative Category. The problem is: the winning image was generated using AI. Eldagsen writes: Thank you for selecting my image … Continue reading AI is not photography